CS Genetics Announces Grant of Intellectual Property

CAMBRIDGE, England, December 5, 2017

CS Genetics Limited, a developer of tools and techniques for genomics, was granted its first patent (GB 2,539,675 B) on 22 November 2017.

CS Genetics is developing Coding Strand Sequencing™: a platform for instrument-free, solution-phase indexing of nucleic acids. Coding Strand Sequencing™ uses a new class of macromolecular indexing tool called Coding Strands™ to tag and track sequences from single molecules, single cells, or complex samples.

Patent GB 2,539,675 B covers a broad set of core innovations underlying the Coding Strand Sequencing™ platform, including key molecular compositions and kits, laboratory methods across linked-read and single-cell application areas, and data-analysis products. It is joined by further filings which describe additional reagents and techniques for molecular indexing.

Said Lucas Edelman, Founder and Chief Executive:

"The next era in genomics will arise from technologies that encode new biologic dimensions inside sequence data itself.

This patent validates the clever technical development performed by our team to advance this vision, and will aid us in delivering our unique tools to scientists and ultimately to patients. We now look forward to aggressively growing our IP portfolio both geographically and across our different technology areas."

Molecular-indexing methods such as Coding Strand Sequencing™ capture key molecular signals present within biological specimens, and then embed these signals into sequencer-readable formats. Many defining challenges in life science - from fundamental genetic research, to the study of cellular development and disease - will be radically transformed by these technologies, which convey the complex richness of biology from specimen, to sequencer, to computer.

Coding Strand Sequencing™ embodies the methodologic converse of existing, instrument-based indexing systems: Coding Strand™ indexing reagents are distributed and anchored within singular nucleic acid samples, rather than samples being divided and distributed into indexes. This conceptual advance and associated innovations enable instrument-free, 'one-tube/one-step' indexing reactions that will drive per-molecule indexing costs roughly two orders of magnitude below those of current commercial platforms.

This versatile technology will catalyse a new phase of precision measurement in biology, spanning both current application areas and those that may emerge over time.

About CS Genetics:

CS Genetics is a developer of tools and techniques for genomics based in Cambridge, UK. For further information, contact

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